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Unlimited Users

Every user gets their own login account, with unique settings for each property.

Security goes beyond who can log into your account. Security also means limiting what individuals can do and view once they are logged into your account, through easy to setup and understand User Settings. We also provide you with a Total Management invention. The Viewing class lets you limit what bills individuals have access to, using only one simple setting.

You may have an employee who you want to enter bills, but not be able to print checks; maintenance staff that you want to use the work orders, but not see a tenant`s balance; or a partner who needs to see everything, but not be able to edit anything... It`s not only possible, but it`s simple.

Total Management lets you customize what each employee can do or see in each property with a View/Edit/None system. You can edit each employee individually, or create permission profiles that can be applied to any employee. With endless possible combinations of user settings, you can create the permissions that suite your company and your employees. It is as easy as it sounds.

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