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    Tenant Portal Online Rent Payment, Work Orders, Newsletters & More.

Tenant Portal

Create a better experience for your tenants by allowing them to pay online, submit work orders, reserve amenities, and view your online newsletter.

The Total Management tenant portal make tenants' lives easier and increases profits by automating property functions.

Entering payments and making trips to the bank takes time,but accepting payments is the core of property management.

Total Management`s tenant portal allows tenants to pay their rent online. You can decide if they can do it by credit card or electronic funds transfer from their bank to yours. Tenants can even setup a recurring payment or a reminder system to let them know that rent is due.

Track and manage your work orders to keep happy tenants and efficient maintenance staff.

Total Management`s online work orders allows tenants to let you know what`s wrong as soon as there is a problem. They can then sit back and check on the status of the work order right from their computer. The best part is that no office time needs to be used to fill out work orders and no time needs to be spent updating tenants on the status of work orders. Total Management can even text maintenance staff that there is a new work order to complete.

Keep your tenants easily informed of community news

Total Management`s online newsletter lets you easily keep your tenants informed and involved. Your newsletters and notices will be available online and can even be e-mailed to your tenants.

Now, with less work and no expense, you can let your tenants know about any events, property news, upcoming property improvements, and anything else.

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