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  • Security Deposits
    Security Deposits Handling Security Deposits & Withholdings Has Never Been Easier

Security Deposits

Entering, maintaining and accounting for security deposits is finally done properly.

We all know that dealing with security deposits is tough. We either know because we take care of them ourselves, or have our accountant deal with them.

Well, of course we simplified it.

Security deposits are automatically created when a tenant moves in and all the accounting is done correctly. If you add a second security deposit, it`s simple. You can even create deposit types that store the amount of the deposit, any automatic withholdings,and the correct ledger account.

Let's say someone`s dog peed in the hallway and you want to make a withholding against a security deposit, it`s easy.

All of the correct accounting is automatically taken care of and you have the option to attach a picture.

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