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  • Payment Entry
    Payment Entry Enter Payments Using The Method That Works Best For You

Payment Entry

Total Management gives you multiple ways to quickly enter tenant payments depending on your workflow.

Payment entry is one of the most important and common management tasks, so we created several ways for you to do it.

  • Enter payment`s by selecting the tenant in the tree.
  • Use the Tenant manager to select tenants by name.
  • Use the Quick Payment screen.(Our Favorite)

Here, you can quickly enter payments by selecting the unit or entering the Quick ID (short-hand code) for the unit in order to bring up the tenant and view their balance.

Entering rent for more than one property? No problem.

You can enter rents for any property without any need to close or reload your window. Enter the rents one after the other and Total Management will automatically apply the rents to the correct property and they will be ready for deposit into the correct bank account.

You can even print a receipt for your tenant through any of these three screens.

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