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  • True Multitasking
    True Multitasking Desktops Have Been Doing It For Years. We Bring It To The Web.


Total Management has bridged the gap between desktop usability and web-based software.

Sometimes you need to do simple things, like compare two bills side-by-side.

Sometimes you need to do complicated things, like work on multiple properties at the same time. There has always been a trade-off in switching from a desktop to a web-based software.

The switch allows for greater security, mobility, and concurrent users at multiple locations.However, the loss can be great.Users give up functionality, ease of use, and multitasking capabilities.The loss has always been acceptable in return for the gain... That is, until now.

Total Management breaks the mold when it comes to browser based applications in the Property Management industry. Unlike the other web based property management systems available today, Total Management offers Multi-Tasking through Web 2.0 technology.

Before Total Management, web based applications in the property management industry were created with old web technology. Meaning that everything is page loaded and limited to one task at a time.

Total Management realized that the problem with page loaded browser applications is that they are far too slow and decrease efficiency when it should be increasing efficiency and saving time. The goal with Total Management was to deliver an easy to operate browser based application that would be hosted but run like a windows application. To do this, the programming team at Total Management used a combination of technologies.

Some of the technologies used in development include but are not limited to Java, AJAX and the GWT framework.

The combination of these technologies not only allows faster data communication but it allows for simultaneous data connection and alteration. Meaning that in the middle of reviewing a bill you can easily bring up reporting and print, create a new lease, schedule an appointment and much more.

In Total Management, Multiple screens can be opened at once, within one web browser window (not in multiple tabs).Users can move the screens around, click between them, and edit data in one screen without losing unsaved work in another.

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