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  • Simple Moveouts
    Simple Moveouts The Moving Out Or Between Units Has Never Been Easier


A 1-Step process to move-out tenants.

Total Management does all of the accounting and will even generate a check and invoice for you

Move-outs aren`t just bad because we`re not collecting rent from the tenant anymore. They`re bad because of all the paperwork, accounting, and time involved.

Of course, Total Management has a quick solution for this. When you move-out a tenant, Total Management takes the current balance and subtracts the remaining security deposit to give you the total balance due.

Whether you are owed money or you owe the tenant money, Total Management will automatically take care of all the accounting for you.

You can even enter the tenant`s forwarding address and have Total Management automatically generate a check to the tenant, ready to be printed out.

If you need to move a tenant between units, we've got you covered there too!

Total Management, we`re taking the most complicated parts of property management and making them an afterthought.

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